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  • We are going to embrace our clients in a way that makes them feel championed.
  • We will welcome our clients warmly so they feel comforted and cared for.
  • Our clients will feel relieved and confident in our work.
  • Our clients will be proud they chose H&R Block.



Thank You! 

We would like to thank you for an awesome tax season! You worked so hard this year to deliver on a service mission that helped so many clients. A mission to genuinely help our clients in a way that makes them feel proud they chose H&R Block.

A client of Marie's recently summed up how they feel this way...

"Thanks for all your help - I always feel I'm in really good hands when working with you!"

We will continue striving toward this goal with as many people as we come in contact with. It is with your dedication and effort that we make this possible. We have already begun planning for next year, so please stay tuned.

Don't forget to be loud and proud of your accomplishments, and enjoy the sunshine with your loved ones.

See you soon!

Tim, Jenn, Shannon, and Karl





 Top Five Reasons Clients Say They Use Us:

  1. Real people who are friendly and always there to help.
    "I'll take Turbo Kim over turbo tax any day!"
  2. Expert advice and tax planning.
    "Very helpful, the service was catered to my individual needs."
  3. Extras to help like; Peace of mind, Emerald Card, Fees Withheld.
    "Being able to have my fees withheld from the refund helped a lot."
  4. We serve clients the way they want to be served with Drop-Off and Approve Online.
    "Not having to return to the office to sign papers was great!"
  5. We stand behind our work.
    "I felt comfortable that my taxes were done correctly, and felt even better  knowing that H&R Block is here all year to help me."

Referral and Promotion Best Practices

  • Ask all clients for a referral.
  • Share New Client Referral Promotion with all clients.
  • CSP hand all new clients the Welcome Brochure.
    "This will familiarize you with our products and services. If you have any questions your Tax Pro will be happy to assist you. Thank you for choosing H&R Block!"
  • Hand clients the Approve Online flyer.

Be Loud!        Be Proud!
Promote your team!

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